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Adventure Camps In Pushkar

Rajasthan is a splendid state with plethora of natural beauty. Pushkar is such an extraordinary tourist destination of Rajasthan that is only 14 Km from Ajmer district. The place is considered to be one of the oldest Indian inhabited cities. Pushkar Lake is the most sensational site in this destination along with plenty of temples or religious importance.

Adventure activities in Pushkar

Once you reach Pushkar, you will be amazed to find plenty of adventure sports and camps there. Adventure camp in Pushkar will not disappoint you at all. Camel safaris are the beauty of Pushkar, which is very popular and affordable too. On the lofty Aravalli, you can also enjoy hiking. The Pushkar Lake is also an extremely calm place to enjoy some water activities. Besides these, hot air ballooning and desert safari is also very popular adventure activities here.

How to reach

The place dotted with picturesque natural beauty and shrines can be reached very easily from adjoining cities of Rajasthan and Delhi.

The closest airbase is situated at Jaipur (127 Km) from Pushkar. While, another airport, Jodhpur airport (161 Km) is also close and can be used by international tourists to reach Pushkar.

Ajmer Railway junction and Daurai railway stop both are 10 Km away from Pushkar. As Pushkar does not have its own railway station, people need to depend on these two railway halts.

Pushkar bus stop connects the town with major cities of India. You can also try road route on your own vehicle; it will be of great fun.


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