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Adventure Camps In Bhondsi

Bhondsia plain region of India

A village in sohna tehsil is Bhondsi in Gurgaon district in the state of Haryana in India. This village belongs to Gurgaon division and it is located about thirteen kilometers to south from the Gurgaon district. Sohna is six thousand three hundred apart and the state capital Chandighar is about three hundred eleven kilometer apart from Bhondsi.

For reaching bhondsi one can use the rail transport services, which is about twenty seven kilometer away from it. And for adventure camping people can visit to surrounding villages which are at distance of about two kilometers to twenty kilometers. Bhondsi is also a village panchayat in Gurgaon district of Haryana in India. The nearest state capital from the bhondsi is Chandigarh as well as Delhi and there distance from bhondsi is twohundred sixty eight kilometer and thirty eight kilometers. Some other state capitals that surround bhondsi are Delhi, Dehradun, as well as Jaipur.

Some of the airports that are nearest to bhondsi are Indira Gandhi International Airport which is situated twenty three kilometer two meter apart and help a person to move in an adventure camp. Few more airports near bhondsi are listed below- Safdarjung airport twenty nine kilometers and Hindon Air force station is about forty nine point two kilometers. Some of the nearest town, city and important place is Sohna which is located just at a distance of ten kilometer apart.

Some of the surrounded town, city are Ghitorni sixteen point five kilometer, taoru eighteen point one, dundahera eighteen point seven, and Faridabad about nineteen point one kilometer apart from bhondsi.


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