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Adventure Camps In Faridabad

Faridabad is located in Haryana state, with a developing name and still conserving the old history. This town is being one of the mainframe in India and well known too. With some distance, Faridabad is a very near to Indian capital Delhi. And main thing is, it is surrounded by Gurgaon, Noida, delhi and greater Noida. So, this place is easily accessible from any of these main regions in country and it takes a place between prime locations, with National Highway no.2 pierce through this city to make it residential and commercial main destination surrounding.

Faridabad is getting on high list with 50% of Haryana’s income tax; this could make a clear scenario, how important this city is.

History speaks with this town. Yamuna River floating at border, it has seen changes from ages and different rulers; today it has become one centre and fabulous point in aspect of tourism level. Travelers who love to do adventure camping or getting best of nature in Faridabad, it is easily available with lots of transport facility all over..

Badkhal Lake, surrounded by manmade embankment on, which has totally dried up now. Peacock Lake is another lake situated nearby. Suraj Kund, famous and best available picnic spot with some nice crafts around it. And these are perfect places for adventure camp.

Like monsoon affected weather, Faridabad stands for standard climate in northern site.

With connection of major cities in country Faridabad stands alone with a Mehandi production of 500cr. Turnover yearly. Due to high facilities, good developing town and preserving history makes Faridabad one of the hot spot.


Camp Wild Dhauj, Faridabad

Camp Dhauj is an adventure camp located near Village Dhauj , Camp Dhauj is situated in lap of aravali hills near Manger village in Faridabad.

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