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Adventure Camps On NH-8

The NH-22 in the northern India has immense importance on transportation services and Indian Defence service. The 459 Km stretched highway starting from Ambala (30Km) in Haryana enters Chandigarh (31Km) in Punjab and then leads towards Himachal Pradesh (398Km) and ends at Indo-Chinese border. During the end of the journey, the NH-22 changes its name to Hindustan Tibet Road. The entire route is full of thrilling and breathtaking spots like Kalka, Shimla, Pinjore, Khab, Shipki La Pass, etc.

Adventure Activities:- As the NH-22 runs through the rocky terrain of Himalayas and northern India, it is a zone of plenty of adventure activities. The enthusiastic people can come to the lap of nature and make their adventurous dream come true. You can enjoy night camping, white water rafting, wildlife safari, Himalayan camping, mountaineering, trekking, paragliding, hang gliding, motor bike safari, rock climbing, parasailing and many more exciting events in Shimla, Kalka, Kullu, Manali, Chamba, Kalpa –Kinnaur, etc. Driving through the blind curves and circuitous hilly roads on the most adventurous highway can be great fun.

How to reach:- To reach NH-22, you need to go through Ambala, Haryana. However, you can also join from Shimla or Klaka.

The nearest airport that connects NH-22 from Ambala is Chandigarh Airport (37Km). However, you can also go from IGI Airport, Delhi, but it would take another 5 hours to reach NH-22.

Ambala Cantt railway station is the rail route from where you can reach NH-22 and have your journey. However, people willing to join from Kalka or Shimla can get down at Kalka-Shimla Railways.

HP state highway (10Km) also connects NH-22, which is also a possible route to reach NH22.


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