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Camp In Chamba Himachal

Located at the banks of River Ravi at a point where it meets with River Sal, Chamba is a town in Chamba district. It is the perfect destination to visit throughout the year. It is surrounded by lush green natural environment and is a peaceful place. One can come here and indulge in the activities like yoga and meditation. The best sightseeing in chamba includes Chamera Lake, Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Manimahesh Lake and Hariraya Temple.

The adventure camps in Chamba are very cozy and are located in the great natural spots. Some of them are MHE Himalayan Camp and Camp Little Jaguar full of activities. The camp X Terra in a small village of Chamba has more than 20 tents for the best accommodation of its visitors. It is surrounded by the silver oak forest and is a very good adventure camp in Chamba. The trekking is a top thing to do here.

Chamba town situated at banks of Ravi River in himachal Pradesh. Known as former state of princely, this town holds being oldest for century and glory of sixth century. With enormous and jaw dropping architecture work chamba is one of the best places for tourist and adventure lovers for their adventure camping program.

With green sites of hills and quite good place for adventure camp, Chamba is famous for shikara styled temples in original classic forms laxmi narayana temple complex. 11th century’s Hari Ram Temple of lord Vishnu, local and colonial architecture fusion Rang Mahal, Akhand Chandi Palace, bhuri singh Museum, St.Andrew’s church , Bharmour( 84 Ancient Temples). Mani Mahesh is a sacred lake; pilgrims visiting spot are some very famous spot here.


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