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Adventure Camps In Kalpa

Adventure Camp in Kalpa

Kalpa is a lovely picturesque land in the Sutlej river valley and is famous for its lush apple orchards. Perched at an altitude of 2960 meters just above the spiritual land Reckong Peo, it is a small hamlet in Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh. From here you can witness the majestic Kinnaur Kailash which is a holy mountain dedicated to Lord Shiva in Kinnaur and both the Hindu and Buddhist Kinnauri pay tribute to Lord Shiva by worshipping this mountain.

Many tourist travels to this beautiful place scribbled with many temples and monasteries. Kothi Temple where goddess Chandika is worshipped is a very famous tourist spot in Kalpa. Camps in Kalpa have a wide range of amenities which perfectly treat your enthusiasm. When you find perfect tented accommodation in Kalpa camps, you will come across tons of adventure activities with eye-popping adventourous piece of lands. You can go for trekking to Chaka which is perched at a height of 15000 feet giving an amazing view of the marvels of nature. There is also a suicide point near Kalpa which comprises of dangerous landscapes which attracts adventure lovers more.

Walk around the town especially in Roghi village to understand the people of Kalpa and their culture. Adventure camps in Kalpa are many. You can find adventure in every corner of its campsites. Most of them include mountain biking, mountain-cycling, trout fishing, jeep safaris and angling. When you are spending the night in your camp, star-gazing is the best thing to do. Hiking and river rafting is also very demanding in this place. Kalpa is a treasure trove of countless fun activities. Get the best camping package and fly or ride to this picture perfect camping location.

Shimla Airport is the closest airport to Kalpa. To have the best medium of traveling from cities like Delhi to Kalpa, you can take HRTC buses which will feast your eyes with beautiful scenic views during your journey. The distance between Delhi and Kalpa is 564 km. The nearest railway station to Kalpa is also Shimla Railway Station. You can hire numerous taxis or cabs in and around Kalpa to travel around this town.


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