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Adventure Camps In Mandi

Mandi is an important city, formerly known as Mandav Nagar or Sahor, is a municipal council of Himachal Pradesh. The name mandi is originated from the Great Sage Rishi 'Mandav' who once prayed in this area. Due to the severity of his penance the rocks turned black. It is built on the banks of the Beas River, at the confluence of the Suketi Khad stream. Sikandar Dhar, Ghugar Dhar and Dhar Kot are some of the prominent hills and mountains where adventure camping can be done.

Many places are here to visit where one can erect adventure camp. It is a city of temples also. Some important pkaces of Mandi are Sunken Garden, Tarna Temple, Bhima Kali Temple, Panchvaktra Temple, Kamlah-Fort, Vishvakarma temple, Janjehli, Prashar Lake etc.


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