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Renuka Ji is a very beautiful hills station of Himachal Pradesh. This spectacular place is the symbol of Renuka Ji who is believed to be the wife of saint Jamadagini and the mother of Parshuram (the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu). The divine Renuka Lake is the biggest tourist attraction spread in an area of more than 2 km. The nearest railway station to this town is Ambala Railway station. The more attraction of Renuka Ji lies in Parshuram Tal, Renuka Temple and Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary. This eye popping natural masterpiece of God also houses Jammu Peak which is a perfect spot for all the selfie lovers and adventure seekers.

The adventure camps in Renuka Ji gives utmost taste of this majestic place. They provide good amenities with all the adventurous activities. Indulge in the trek to Jammu Peak with the friendly guides of the camps and you will love this historical place.

Renukaji is a famous lake of Himachal pradesh which is named after the wife of the great sage Jamadagini and mother of Parshurama. It is also called the Renuka lake as it is the embodiment of Renukaji and is also shaped like a profile of a woman. Due to the presence of the hills trekking and adventure camps are a good option for the tourists here.

Renukaji is popular for the places of interests. While visiting Renukaji you should not forget to carry out the adventure camping. Some of the important places are Renuka Lake, Jamu Peak, Parashurama Tal and Renuka Temple etc.


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