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Adventure Camps In Zanskar

The Zanskar located at an altitude of 3500-7000meters is stretched over an area of 7000 square kilometres. The region wrapped with snow blanket is one of the most desirable tourist destinations of India. The unparallel scenic beauty of the Himalayan valleys, small alpine lakes and snow covered peaks of Zanskar has made it a charming place for the adventure freaks.

In Jammu and Kashmir State, this place is widely visited by people for monastery, hill-top castles, passes and breathtaking views. If you are planning to book a trip for Zanskar then try to visit between July and October.

Adventure activities in Zanskar

Zanskar is widely recognized for the thrilling and mindboggling outdoor adventure activities. On such high altitude and chilling weather, river rafting is very popular. The river rafting on Zanskar River will surely give you goose bumps. Explore the unexplainable beauty of the gorges, freeing water and ebbing waves of the river while rafting.

Trekking and mountain climbing are also very popular in Zanskar. You can trek through the frozen river during winter and explore the most beautiful ‘Chadar ice Trek’ route. The trekking from Padam to Leh and Padam to Lamayura takes almost 15 days. So you need to be physically strong. Climbing the mammoth Zanskar Range is something that you will not want to miss in the trip.

You can also enjoy night adventure camps on the river belt on rocky landscape and enjoy the unseen beauty of the mountain at night. Paragliding and jeep safaris are quite famous in this region.

How to reach

The Leh Airport is the nearest airbase to Zanskar. If you are flying from major cities of India then you need to book your flight till Leh and travel the 84 Km in taxi. The Gaggal Airport, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh (162 Km) is another route if you are travelling in flight.

Madhopur Punjab (186 Km), located in Punjab, is the nearest rail station to Zanskar. However, as an alternative you can take train to Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir (188 Km).

Zanskar has a bus-stop that connects bus service with Kargil, Srinagar, Leh and other major cities of the state. Self-drive is another feasible option to Zanskar from Srinagar.


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