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Archery is the art, practice, or skill of propelling arrows with the use of a bow, from Latin arcus. Archery has historically been used for hunting and combat; in modern times, however, its main use is that of a recreational activity along with testing your focus, mind concentration and last but not the least your Aiming skill.


If you are not a professional archeries but want to do participate in this simple activity, your concentration level should be high and to be very focused on your target.

Your grip on the bow handle should be negligent and comfortable. Your first intuition might be to grip the bow hard to steady it, but it has the different outcome. A hard grip on the bow will cause it to twist and rotate, leading the arrows to lean right or left.

It is vital to follow through with the shots by keeping your bow arm up and keeping your focus on the archery target until the arrow lands. If not, it is very common to lower the bow earlier than you're supposed to which causes the arrow flight path to be changed down, foremost inaccurate shots.

Relax and clear your mind before you take a shot. A great way to do this is to inhale deeply as you're about to aim, followed by one last deep breath.

Practice is extremely important since it allows you to put in use everything you learned to perfect your technique.

Finally, above archery tips will go a long way in helping you to improve your skill and precision.

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