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Adventure Sports Skiing In Snow





Snow Skiing is a recreational activity and competitive sport in which the participant attaches long runners or skis to boots or shoes on the feet along with a pair of balance sticks and uses them to travel on top of snow.

There are many destinations at High Altitude in Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu Kashmir offers great landscape for snow skiing such as Auli, Manali, Shimla etc and these destinations are close to National Capital Delhi and NCR.

1 - Snow skiing is all about fun in a dangerous way and it does test your controlling skill. All the rules of skiing are there to prevent injury to an individual, and to those around you. Still the more rules you break the faster you learn. The trick is to only break rules when your confidence is high enough. Primary rule number one is to maintain your confidence and the primary don't do number one is don't lose your confidence. If you expect to fall sometimes you will not lose any confidence when you do. When you fall down, ask yourself why? Then learn from the fall and try to make the same mistake twice.

2 - The most important lesson is to learn is do increase your ability to the speed you are going at and don't reduce your speed to the ability you have.

3 - And finally learn how to stop because stopping is one of the most important points of skiing. Braking is very important do not try to go on over speed because the higher speed may cause accident. The easiest way to stop is to steer the skis uphill. So you need to be able to steer. Learn how to steer. Snow plough turns teach you that learning on one leg turn you one way and learning on the other leg turns you the other that is the basics. Most people fall over because they lean too far back instead of forward. It is a natural sense to lean back and sit down if you are going too fast. This is why most people do it. If you have confidence in your ability to stop, by turning up hill, you will lean forward and go faster and then turn up hill.

4 - Check all the skiing twice before use them such as board, ski, stick, shoes, skiing cloths, helmet, goggles etc. Try to be cool and calm before start and improve your mental power by some exercises and yogas. Controlling on breathe is one of the best exercise just before go down.

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