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Exploring the unknown is a longing desire of almost every individual and the most beautiful places always tend to call everyone. The man-made means of transport has made our journey from one place to another quick and comfortable. But still there exist some beautiful places which allow foot only and human with their great zeal to fulfill their desire to explore don’t leave those places untouched even if they have to walk for miles. This journey by walk of a group of people is known as TREKKING. It can be either done by a solo person or by groups of people. Trekking is different from hiking. The major aim of trekking is to explore the untraveled destination which are mostly challenging but the incredible magnificence of every element of nature has something which is likely to put a great impact on your soul. In the other hand hiking is also walking but in well-known places for joy.

Trekking is also good for health. Health benefits of trekking are many. To indulge yourself into daily exercise is hard for greater number of people because our mind is programmed in a way that it doesn’t like to accept the things which we take as being tough. Trekking doesn’t allow us to realize that we are facing difficulty anymore. The beauty of the place is so mesmerizing that it gives us great will power. Therefore trekking is a very healthy adventure activity.

There is a growing craze for trekking these days and almost every camp include it on top of their list of adventure activities. Bunch of exciting young people decks out with their trekking shoes and bags to hit the offbeat destinations.

Most of the people are not aware of what is trekking and why it is done. The best thing to do in order to get an answer is to carry a trekking bag and head out for some adrenaline pumping places. You will get an incredible experience for lifetime. There are many places in India ideal for trekking. Himalayan Trek is the most amazing trek in India. Some of the most challenging trek lies in Leh and Ladakh. Trekking in Manali is also very popular. Don’t just walk due to work, sometimes at some faraway places walk to get adventure too. No matter what trekking is awesome and it is the proof of being human being who never stops themselves with their desires to witness the unknown.

1 -There should be a pattern of trekking which needs to be in such a manner that we conserve energy and eliminate all other activities which can be reducing the energy level. So how can an individual save their energy during trekking? In plain we can walk fast but in hills if we walk fast we are likely to be tired very quick. If you take one short step at a time during the trek, it will be okay. While walking on stones just make it a point to reach and can take long steps to reach there quickly.

2 -Control over the breathing on trekking is very important. Do not breathe through the mouth during trekking it can easily exhaust you so use only nose to breathe. If it seems that it is being difficult to breathe through nose means you are walking fast. Just reduce your speed and try to control the breath and after few minutes when breathing pace become stable, you should walk and take short steps to go ahead.

3 -Talking with your friends or use of cell phone during trek can exhaust you so avoid talking during the treks.

4 -DO not sit for rest in between the treks because sitting can down the body temperature and make your body cool. It may also result in cramps. Try to take less sitting break bend the body indulge in light exercises to maintain the required temperature of body.

5 -Nourishing and light food such as dry fruits keeps your energy level high and will be able to give you essential nutritious elements. Cocoa Chocolates, biscuits and noodles can be consumed in between the treks. Avoid heavy food and non veg items. It cannot be easily digest however light non veg snacks can be taken but it is good to be a vegetarian during the treks. In some treks in Himachal and Uttrakhand you may not get non vegetarian stuffs so if you are too foodie brings some such items to eat. You have to maintain your tang taste and for this you can also bring soups, sauces, Pickles etc.

6 -Back Pack is the most important part of the trekking. So It is necessary to know that how to pack your things. Do not carry unwanted things because every kg can painful in the hills. Keep light luggage to avoid pain. A good quality bag should be strapped in such a manner that it is a part of your body without any free gaps else the bag will stop vacillating and you may lose your balance at some phase of the climb.

7 -A first Aid Box along with some common medicines such as paracitamole, pain killer tablets, cold tablets and a good antibiotic along with some band aid needs to be carried during the treks.

8 -Most significantly you have to remember that trekking is more of a mind game. Trekking can be obtained as a testing tool of your mental level more than your physical fitness. If you tell yourself that you can do it - you definitely will. If you are mentally weak you are likely not to make it despite your good physical fitness. Go with a positive edge of mind and you will be able to complete the trek successfully. And after your first trek you are only eager to do more because you will have experience to trek.

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