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Camp in Adi Kailash

Adi Kailash

Adi Kailash is naturally decorated at an amazing height of 6,310 meters. It is arranged in the Indian Territory in Pithoragarh locale of Uttarakhand inside a nearness to the Indo-Tibetan outskirt. In the quietude of the peaceful Kumaon Himalayas, adventure camping in Adi Kailash is a well known journey of the Hindu community. One can get a look at the emerald Parvati Lake and the Gauri Kund enhanced on the very foot of Chota Kailash. The place is a sacred Hindu pilgrimage site which holds a huge fan base and popularity among the followers of Hinduism and the adventure lovers as well. Since the place has strong hold with its belief in Hinduism, it attracts a huge amount of visitors. Also, because of its adventurous elevated peak it admits a large number of tourists every year.

Camp in Adi Kailash provides you one of the frightened peaks of the Indian Himalayan locale as the example of snow testimony on it takes the state of "OM". Further, the presence of the massif takes after Mount Kailash, which lies at a height of 6,638 meters, in Tibet. Adi Kailash, otherwise called Om Parvat, has a few different names like Little Kailash, Jonglingpong Peak, Baba Kailash and Chhota Kailash. The summit of Om Parvat still stays virgin because of its hallowed nature BUT the main endeavor to climb the pinnacle was finished by an Indo - British group in the late nineteenth century and later pursued by another gathering in 2004. Situated in the base camp of Adi Kailash, Lake Parvati at a height of around 4,500 meters is regularly considered as a sacred lake by a few Hindu travelers. The trek to Adi Kailash Base Camp navigates through a rich valley, which is decorated with a few inborn towns, developing terrains and wide scope of verdure at various elevation, and slices through a few little streams. In the event that you are sufficiently fortunate, at that point you may likewise get a look at the Annapurna Peak, which lies at a rise of 8,091 meters in Nepal. The Adi Kailash trekking that extends from a rise of 2,200 meters to 4,752 meters is one of the testing treks in the Kumaon Himalayan area that charms the spirit of a few trekkers. For the most part, the trek is done between June to October from the distinctive Dharchula. This is the best time to see the dab on the half circle some portion of the OM image.

Pack up your bags and lead towards this amazing adventure camp to explore the place’s beauty and rock on the elevated altitude peak of this nature’s beauty.

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