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Camps in Chaukhutia

Camps in Chaukhutia

Chaukhutia adventure camps reside in the most admired north indian state, uttarakhand. The destination is set up on the banks of ram ganga river in almora district. Chaukhutia provides scenic hill views to its visitors. The spot is located at a distance of 294 kilometer away from Dehradun city. It is a small town and also the meeting point four major places in Uttrakhand including Karnaprayag, Kheera, Almora and Ramnagar. In its premises, the camps of Chaukhutia present an exciting opportunity to the visitors to explore the beauty of this natural beauty. Also, the adventure activities offered in the camp are vital in making the memories stronger and beautiful.

Arranged in foothills of Himalayan range, Chaukhutia camps possess amusing weather and claims of ideal natural beauty. It is located at an altitude of 1646 meters above sea level and spread over and area about 12 square kilometers. The location of Chukhutia is situated NH87 and whole area of Garhwal and Kumaon region is easily accessible from this place. Chaukhutia's rich religious significance and historical past which reflects in wrecks and testaments built during the imperative of Katyuri kings. Here you can find stunning Pandukholi caves that supposed to have been made by the Pandavas through their stay in the area. These ancient sculptures allow you to capture amazing memories in your cameras with your friends/family. As the destination is isolated from the city noise, one can wipe out his/her mind stress and feel the refreshing surroundings of this beautiful place. The refreshing air and high dose of adventure trekking is the best combination and results to make this adventure camp in Chaukhutia an ideal destination for the trekking lovers as well.

Chaukhutia is also a fantastic pilgrimage place for people who are fond of trekking. Little treks to Jaurasi, Doonagiri, and Jwarhat begin from this region. The visit is much admired by the adults and history lovers as well. The religious people also find it to be more interesting as they can explore an isolated and sacred site along with their adventure camping.

So, don’t wait more, ask your friends/family, make your plan and get ready to dig into this amazing nature’s place and feel the fun at your Adventure camp in Chaukhutia.

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