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Camp in Dayara Bugyal

Camps in Dayara Bugyal

If we consider all treks in Uttarakhand, Dayara Bugyal is the most adventurous trek. At the treks, one can experience the highly elevated lush green lands in the lap of nature which reflects a high class refreshing surroundings. The trek resides in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand at a high altitude of 10,000-12,500ft.

This lush green land spread across a wide area results to be an ideal destination for skiing during the winter season. This adventurous destination is naturally placed among the high peaked mountain ranges. During this significant Himalayan Dayara Bugyal trekking tour, witness the sight of the lake of Barnala Tal strewn. The place is across the green alpine prairies– which reflects and make the peaks look more elegant.

The trekking tour starts from the tiny hamlet of Barsu well placed naturally on the Haridwar-Gangotri road. It is just 32kms from Uttarkashi. For accommodation purposes, one can select any of the available rest houses which reflect an amazing view of the landscapes and the high peaked mountains. In Barsu, the accommodation points reflect an amazing view which allows the visitors to capture the beautiful scenes of nature. The path of the Dayara Bugyal Trek trails through the elegant Oak forests, transparent water bodies and sprawling green grasslands. These ingredients of this spectacular destination offer views of specks of huts, grazing sheep all while overlooking the valley and the highly elevated mountain ranges. The beautiful views of natural landscapes and high peaked mountain ranges offer an opportunity for the visitors to capture the views of this amazing destination in your cameras. This highly adventurous trek in Uttarkashi, the Dayara Bugyal holds a strong fan base because of the heart hacking opportunities it offers.

With a strong database of incoming visitors, the camps in Dayara Bugyal Trek hold a high customer satisfaction rate. People visit this natural beauty and wash out their life stress and enjoy the refreshing atmosphere of this beautiful destination.

So, pack your bags and accelerate your groups to knock this beautiful place.

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