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Adventure Camp in Byasi

Byasi is a pocket-sized village set upon the banks of sacred river Ganga. It is a beautiful destination encompassed by the dense Sal forest near Rishikesh. It is very famous due to its thrilling water which hosts river rafting and camping. Tourist visit here to get the thrill out of camping and rafting. It is littered with many restaurants and hotels. Located at Badrinath Road, it houses many camps where you can indulge in adventure activities.

Byasi Camp located at the white sands of Ganga beach is the perfect holiday destinations. The adventure activities are rappelling, rock climbing, kayaking, sky ladder and cliff jumping. There are some famous rapids of Rishikesh at Byasi Camps suitable for non – swimmers. Byasi Forest Camps, Camp Majestic and many camps are available in Byasi.


Himalayan eco lodge Byasi

By one of the best chain in the area of camping and resort service provider from upper to lower Himalayan region in India.


Camp Feel Factor

This camp is able to provide a great experience in the thrilling manner to their guests. Located approx 40 kms away from main town of Rishikesh in Kaudiyala.


Unwind Outdoor Beach Camp

The beach camp is located in Byasi, one of the most forested areas close to Rishikesh.


J2 Adventure Camp

J2 adventures establish the beach camp on holy River Ganges situated near Byasi which is 30 km away from Rishikesh.


Camp Gold Coast

The name is enough to show the beauty of this camp. It’s a gigantic camp site close to Rishikesh.


Camp Rapidfire

Placed in delightful atmosphere on the bank of Ganges offers a great camping experience. Trek to the campsite from main road will show you the beauty of nature from different angles.


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